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    • waklert 150


      What is Waklert? Waklert is a drug that promotes wakefulness. Waklert tablet is used to reduce excessive sleepiness caused by sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or shift work sleep disorder. Waklert may also be used for purposes not listed […]

    • Modalert 200


      What is Modalert 200? Modalert encompasses an active constituent Modafinil. Modalert 200 can be utilized to treat a condition referred to as narcolepsy wherein an individual has an urge for uncontrollable sleep. This tablet encourages the full swings of […]

    • Modaheal 200


      What is Modaheal? Modaheal pills are utilized to manage sleepiness in patients ailing with exceeding wakefulness in the daytime or wakefulness because of sleeping disorders known as narcolepsy. It as well aids in remaining wide awake at […]

    • Modafresh 200


      What is Modafresh? Modafresh is employed to care for too much sleepiness because of narcolepsy which forms medical morbidity that gives rise to excessive sleepiness during daytime or shift work disorder. Dozing off during work hours and hitch of […]

    • Modvigil 200


      What is Modvigil? Modvigil 200 pill a dopamine stimulant medicine hitting the market by way of wakefulness- encouraging agent and happen to be one amid the stimulants employed to care for narcolepsy condition. Narcolepsy creeps in due to dysfunction […]

    • Vilafinil 200


      What is Vilafinil Vilafinil is the brand name of the famous drug, Modafinil. It is a smart cognition enhancer drug. It is the most commonly used treatment by people suffering from sleep problems such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift-work sleep disorder. The main […]

    • Pregalin


      There are different types of pains that affect different body parts. While some of these pains go away with normal medication, some require special prescription medication. These pains can cause discomforting conditions that may alter and affect […]

    • Neugaba


      What is Neugaba? Neugaba is an on-prescription medicine for the treatment of neuropathic pain. It’s a condition of an abnormal and painful sensation in several parts of the body. Neuropathic pain is triggered when the part of […]

    • Maxgalin 75


      Neuropathic pain is a type of pain that is caused by the damaged somatosensory nervous system and creates abnormal sensations in the body. It is a chronic pain that causes discomforting situations and affects the day to […]

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