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    • Syncapone


      Syncapone is an oral tablet that is prescribed to Parkinson’s patients. It intends to minimize excessive shaking by slowing down body movements. It is a highly effective medicine for Parkinson’s disease. Syncapone works as a dopamine booster by increasing […]

    • Syndopa


      Syndopa is one of the very popular Dopamine supplements used for treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. No matter if you are experiencing shakiness, stiffness, muscular rigidity, imbalance, etc, Syndopa will help you out. It is a prescription medicine […]

    • Ropark


      Ropark is a physician recommended medication for treating the side effects of Parkinson’s. It contains Ropinirole as its significant dynamic fixing and is regularly alluded to by its nonexclusive name as well. This oral prescription has a […]

    • Relgin


      Relgin is one of the most-effective & popularly prescribed dopamine supplements for treating Parkinson’s disease. This oral tablet is also known by its generic name – Rasagiline. The efficiency of Rasagiline to treat Parkinson’s is impressive. It improves body movement control […]

    • Nemdaa (Memantine)


      Nemdaa is quite possibly the best Memory Loss Supplements recommended for gentle to direct dementia in Alzheimer’s. As mental and actual capacities decay with the age, older individuals experience challenges in retaining things. Such conditions lead to […]

    • Selgin


      Selgin is perhaps the most endorsed Parkinson’s drugs. It contains Selegiline HCL as its significant dynamic fixing. Selgin or Selegiline works like other dopamine supplements for example by keeping up with Dopamine levels in the mind. The […]

    • Donep (Donepezil)


      Nemdaa is quite possibly the best Memory Loss Supplements endorsed for gentle to direct dementia in Alzheimer’s. As mental and actual capacities decrease with the age, old individuals experience troubles in remembering things. Such conditions lead to […]

    • Entacom 200


      What is Entacom? Entacom is one of the best Dopamine supplements prescribed to patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. When an individual has Parkinson’s problem, he experiences excessive shaking, tremors, stiff muscles, slow body movements, etc. Such little things hinder regular […]

    • Galantamine 4mg


      Galantamine 4mg is a doctor prescribed medication principally utilized for the treatment of Alzheimer’s sickness side effects. It is a mind sickness that progressively annihilates memory and thinking abilities. Moreover, it’s anything but a person’s capacity to […]

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